Thomas Bryant On Why He Was Desperately Calling For The Ball Before LeBron James' Record-Breaking Shot

Thomas Bryant's surprise and delight as LeBron James hit a record-breaking shot exemplify trust and spontaneity on the court.

Thomas Bryant's explanation of the moments leading up to LeBron James' record-breaking shot offers a fascinating glimpse into the dynamics of playing alongside a basketball legend 

As he recounted the experience, it became evident that the Lakers' chemistry and teamwork played a crucial role in this memorable moment. 

I didn't even notice that was a shot though 

At that time, like literally when Bron says, if I see you on that wing, you got a smaller defender, 

get your ass in that post, like dive, call for the ball. So I'm down, I'm doing what he told me to do. 

I'm looking around, I'm like, right before he shot the ball, I'm like, why is there a camera? 

I'm like, bro, he ain't there yet. I'm like, oh, he only got two, Oh shit. And next thing you know, he shoots it and put his hands up. 

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