Tim Donaghy Felt He Was Never Going To Be Arrested By The FBI After He Helped Them

Tim Donaghy's cooperation with the FBI led to unexpected consequences, shedding light on the complex nature of legal matters.

Tim Donaghy's statement reveals the complex and ultimately disappointing situation he found himself in. 

His belief that he would avoid jail by cooperating with the FBI underscores the immense pressure and uncertainty he faced during the investigation into his illicit activities related to NBA games. 

I really didn't think I was going to go to jail because I had that initial promise, uh,  

from the United States attorney that if I went to them before they came to me, that I would just lose my job. 

But if they had to come get me, not only was I going to lose my job, I was going to go to jail.  

So I thought if I went to them that I would avoid jail. But that didn't happen. 

However, the reality of the situation didn't align with his expectations, as he eventually found himself facing legal consequences, including imprisonment 

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