Timberwolves' Jaden McDaniels On His Altercation With Klay Thompson: "Some People Take Things Differently"

Jaden McDaniels shared his thoughts on the altercation with Klay Thompson.

Draymond Green's chokehold on Rudy Gobert on Tuesday night stole all the headlines, 

but that incident was, of course, caused by the altercation between Jaden McDaniels and Klay Thompson.  

The two men got into it less than two minutes into the contest, and McDaniels was asked about the incident after the game. 

I mean I was just trying to crash for a rebound," McDaniels said. 

And he kind of had grabbed me by my collar and I was just trying to defend myself, get him kinda off me like a little bit and you know the rest is what it is.

That was McDaniels sneakily suggesting Klay might have been hurt over some trash talk. 

He said they had no past history and that he didn't even know the Golden State Warriors guard. 

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