Top 5 Emotional zodiac sign  

Astrology explores the cosmic relationship between heavenly bodies and human behavior. It is an intriguing and age-old discipline. Of all its facets, the emotional characteristics of people according to their zodiac sign are particularly appealing. 

The Water sign of Cancer, which is ruled by the moon, marks the start of our emotional journey. Cancers are well known for having nurturing tendencies and a high degree of emotional sensitivity.


Another Water sign, the Pisces, comes next on our list. These people are the zodiac's dreamers and artists, and the depth and breadth of their emotions rivals the ocean.



Next up on our emotional zodiac journey is Scorpio, the mysterious Water sign ruled by Pluto. Scorpios are frequently thought of as being passionate and intense.


As we move away from the Water signs, we come across Venus's sign of the Earth, Taurus. Even though Taurus people don't display their emotions as much as some other signs do, their emotional depth is just as great.


Venus rules the Air sign of Libra, which marks the end of our journey. Libras are the zodiac sign's diplomats, and they have harmonious, well-balanced emotions.

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