Travis Kelce's old tweets turned into a song by Jimmy Fallon

Travis Kelce's viral past tweets have kicked off a primetime rap parody song.

Jimmy Fallon, the host of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," and artist Tariq Trotter,

The show's house band, The Roots, played a song that used some of the Kansas City Chiefs star's old Twitter posts that have been going around again lately because of all the online and media attention on his new relationship with Taylor Swift.

Guys, I don't know if you saw this, but this week, a lot of Travis Kelce's old tweets went viral, for a good reason," Fallon said.

They're just really wholesome and fun. And people are loving them. So, we thought we'd share some of them with you now. It's a little song called 'The Ballad of Travis Kelce.'"

Traeger rapped, "Travis used to tweet a lot/ Nah, he wouldn't quit." Fallon then added, "Now this guy's with Taylor Swift/ And, yeah, they're dating."

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