Trust Issues in 6 Zodiac Signs 

Cancer, the intuitive and sensitive sign symbolized by the crab, is the first sign on our list. Because they are afraid of emotional harm, cancers are typically cautious when it comes to trust. 


Scorpios are recognized for having strong, passionate personalities, as we all know. This water sign has a keen sense of intuition and a talent for unearthing secrets. 


Virgos are analytical, industrious, and detail-oriented people. Although this earth sign tends to overanalyze situations, they may not appear skeptical at first.


People with Capricorn traits are ambitious and driven, constantly aiming for achievement. Their pragmatic disposition may cause them to be wary of blind faith. Capricorns are loyal and stable people.


The Twins are a symbol of Geminis' dual nature, which is well-known. Despite their gregarious and talkative nature, Geminis may struggle with trust because they are easily duped.


Aquarians are recognized for their independent and creative thought processes. Because they cherish their independence and uniqueness, it can be difficult for them to trust other people.


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