Turning 30? Saturn Return Is the Best Time to Take Stock and Manifest What’s Next

The knowledge that the moon is full can be comforting if you're having a particularly emotional week. Mercury, the planet of communication and technology, is in retrograde, so it's easy to find solace when delays and technological malfunctions seem to rule your day-to-day.

 You experience significant astrological occurrences, commonly known as personal transits, in tandem with those who were born around the same time as you, while we all experience full moons and Mercury retrogrades together. 

Overseeing limits, rules, restrictions, and limitations, discipline, authoritative figures, and challenges, Saturn is the taskmaster planet. It takes approximately 29 years for Saturn to complete a full cycle in the Zodiac. 

You will be prompted to reflect on your progress in learning the lessons the world has to teach you about responsibility, work, and structure during this time, as well as create the groundwork for the next 29 years.

For around two to three years, consider this phase to be a significant awakening to reality and a formal welcome to adulthood. Now is an excellent time to reflect on your progress as well as your future goals. 

Put differently, astrology presents an ideal chance for you to rethink your viewpoint and course of action, positioning yourself for future achievement even greater than before. Discover how to predict your Saturn return, take care of yourself during, and maximise the transit by reading this article.

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