Utah Jazz Take A Wild Shot At Michael Jordan Over 1998 NBA Final

Utah Jazz make hilarious reference to the 1998 Finals.

It's been over 25 years since Michael Jordan's controversial "final shot" ended championship hopes for the Utah Jazz,  

but it seems that someone on the team still isn't over how it all went down that year.  

On Thursday, the franchise went viral after its fans revealed the name of Delta Center's iconic WiFi network: “JordanPushedOff. 

The 1998 Finals was Jordan's final title run, and the Utah Jazz were the last team standing between him and championship number six.  

Of course, the Bulls went on to win the series in six games, but it didn't come without controversy.  

Even all these years later, the legitimacy of that shot is debated amongst the community and the Utah Jazz clearly have some objections to how it all went down. 

There's no doubt that the game-winner was a masterclass in shot-making from the NBA superstar, and you can't discredit him for delivering in the most high-pressure situation a player can be in. 

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