Vanessa Bryant Sang With Jessica Alba During Snoop Dogg's Performance, Posts Viral Pic With Kim Kardashian And Other Celebritie

Vanessa Bryant had a ball at a recent charity event, singing along to Snoop Dogg and posing with other female celebrities.

Vanessa Bryant was seen at the 'Baby2Baby' Gala party over the weekend, an event featuring some of the biggest stars in pop culture today.  

She shared a video of her partying with Jessica Alba and signing along to Snoop Dogg while he's performing on stage. 

Vanessa also posed in a powerful picture alongside Kim Kardashian and Salma Hayek, among other influential female celebrities. 

Vanessa Bryant looked gorgeous at the event, where she was among the people who helped raise $12 million for 'Baby2Baby',  

an organization that provides children living in poverty across the country with diapers, clothing, and all the necessities. 

Vanessa Bryant is making the most of her life after losing her husband Kobe Bryant almost four years ago in January 2020. 

Vanessa is the best person to speak about when it comes to understanding what basketball meant to Kobe 

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