Victor Wembanyama vs. LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant Rookie Full Comparison

Victor Wembanyama is having an excellent rookie campaign so far, but how does he compare to two legends in their rookie seasons, LeBron James and Kevin Durant?

Victor Wembanyama’s rookie debut has been more than impressive, to say the least. 

We are seeing why he might be the most hyped prospect in NBA history because he is showcasing an elite mix of size, athleticism,  

and all-around impact that we haven’t seen before. There hasn’t been a 7’4” center who has guard-like skills before 

The most impressive example of what Victor Wembanyama can do came against Kevin Durant and the Phoenix Suns on Thursday night 

when he poured in 38 points on 57.7% shooting from the field. 

As great as Wemby has been, how does he compare to two other elite rookies in their time: LeBron James and Kevin Durant? 

In the realm of basketball royalty, we find a living legend, a four-time NBA champion, and an enduring symbol of excellence.  

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