Victoria Beckham Encourages Her Daughter to Be the “Kindest” Person at School Because of Her Own Experiences With Bullying

The former Spice Girl talked candidly about her personal experience with bullying in an Instagram post to commemorate Anti-Bullying Week. She also shared the one message she hammers home to her 12-year-old daughter every day.

Beckham posted a video and two pictures of herself and her daughter Harper on Sunday along with an inspirational message. Despite being one of the most well-known It girls of our day, Victoria Beckham wasn't always like that, it seems.

Having a resilient and kind daughter makes me very proud! Being bullied frequently as a child, I regularly emphasise to Harper the need of being kind to others and speaking out when someone is being mistreated. 

Brooklyn and Romeo, David and Victoria's other boys, have always been transparent about their unique relationship with their only child. In observance of Harper's 12th birthday, Harper's parents all shared emotional birthday wishes back in July.

"This AntiBullyingWeek, it's so important to not be silent if someone is alone or being bullied," Victoria went on. The fashion designer at the time captioned a photo of Harper's party with a Prada motif.

"Happy Birthday, my pretty lady," was David's tribute. You are the most wonderful little daughter a father could ask for; keep being gorgeous on the inside and out. Papa cherishes you. 

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