Video: Russell Westbrook Seen Having A Blast At His 35th Birthday Party

Russell Westbrook was having a great time while celebrating his 35th birthday surrounded by loved ones.

A video of Russell Westbrook dancing and enjoying his 35th birthday party has gone viral,  

as the Clippers point guard is seen busting out some smooth moves with one overenthusiastic party guest. 

It is great to see Westbrook enjoy time away from basketball after the tough spells he's had to overcome in recent seasons.  

The Lakers experience was toxic for him and his family, as fan hate addressed to Russell and Nina Westbrook took a toll on the player. 

Thankfully, he got traded away and bought out, which allowed him to stay in his home state of California and join the Clippers. 

After a slow start to life as a Clipper, Westbrook solidified his position on the team after performing well in the playoffs in the absence of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.  

Given Westbrook just celebrated his 35th birthday, we know basketball is not going to be his life for much longer.  

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