NBA Fans Troll LeBron James As He Closes In On Record-Setting Milestone

LeBron James nears milestone for career turnovers.

When you've been in the NBA for as long as LeBron James has, it's only natural to break a few records along the way.  

When it comes to LeBron, the kind of records he breaks are usually all positive -- but he also leads some unflattering categories as well. 

Heading into Friday's tournament game against the Suns,  

fans noticed that he was just one turnover away from reaching the 5,000 mark for his career, which is the most in NBA history. 

Of course, LeBron has been the all-time turnover leader for years now, but this is the first time that anyone has come close to reaching 5,000.  

While it's hardly a thing to be proud of, the milestone isn't really an indictment on LeBron's game.  

He's played the game for so long at this point, that pretty much all of his stat totals are going to rank near the top of league history. 

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