Wife Of Former NBA Player Declines To Delete Her OnlyFans Account: "Think About That Again...”

Kisha Chavis has a wild response to husband's objections to OnlyFans account.

In a recent appearance on "Check Out the Stat" former WNBA player Kisha Chavis went viral for her unwavering loyalty to OnlyFans 

According to Chavis, she's not willing to stop her activity on the platform, not even if her husband, 16-year veteran Joe Smith, wanted her to stop. 

“I would show him my stats and then ask him to think about that again.”

That's a pretty harsh response from Chavis, who made it clear that her husband is in no position to get in her way. 

While Chavis did not elaborate on what "stats" she was referring to here,  

she's likely pointing to her OnlyFans financial numbers, which probably rival what Smith made during his NBA career. 

Of course, the problem for Chavis was that she failed to mention her Only Fans account after 13 years of marriage, and it led to a huge fallingout that was captured on camera 

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