Wizards Had To Play 4 On 5 Because Kyle Kuzma Wanted To Ask For A Challenge

Kyle Kuzma forgot the game doesn't stop when you're complaining about a foul call.

The Washington Wizards have provided a lot of entertainment this season, but for all the wrong reasons. 

The team is 2-8 and is expected to be one of the worst teams in the league. Kyle Kuzma is reflecting those beliefs with his behavior on the court, 

ignoring the Raptors inbounding the ball to go argue with a referee on the other side of the court, leading to an easy layup for Scottie Barnes. 

The Wizards held a 23-point lead that evaporated with the Raptors constantly attacking and looking to score after a slow start. 

The Wizards players started getting lazy as the game progressed, as seen with this Kuzma play and Jordan Poole's viral clip of ignoring what his coach was drawing up out of the timeout. 

Kuzma and Poole have a championship pedigree, winning a title apiece alongside two of the generation's most iconic players.  

However, it doesn't look like they're motivated to bring winning success to Washington with the way both of them have been playing 

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