Zac Efron says he's ‘honored' that late Matthew Perry wanted him for his biopic

Athenna Crosby, a close friend of the late “Friends” star, previously told “Entertainment Tonight

that Perry had wanted to make a movie about his life and hoped Efron would play him in a biopic.

Efron was asked about the comment while at “The Iron Claw” premiere on Nov. 8, and said he would be up for the role.

“I heard that and it’s a huge honor,” Efron told “ET.” “Matthew is, you know, the best guy in the world. I had the best time of my life working with him.”

“To think that he was thinking of me for that role,” he continued. “I would be honored to do it, to be honest.”

Efron played a younger version of Perry’s character in the 2009 comedy “17 Again.”

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