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7 Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs 2023

According to Astrology, every Zodiac sign has both negative and positive personality traits. Some Zodiac signs are more prone to anger than others, and some are more likely to commit crimes. The FBI has reported that certain Zodiac signs are more likely to be arrested for crimes.

7 Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs 2023


Mental Instability

Cancer Zodiac sign is considered as the most dangerous Zodiac sign. Cancerians are very emotional and hypersensitive, and can commit horrifying crimes when they are angry.



Scorpios are passionate and competitive, but they also have extreme anger issues. They don’t like failures and may get involved in unlawful activities to achieve success.

7 Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs Of 2020
7 Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs Of 2020


Jealous, Aggressive

Taurus is the 3rd most dangerous Zodiac sign. They are jealous, aggressive, and intelligent. They will get their work done from others and will not hesitate to kill someone to be the leader of the world.


Harsh and extremely smart

Sagittarius are dangerous zodiac signs who are harsh, intelligent, and smart. They can commit any crime but due to their cleverness, they can easily escape from prison.


Professional Thieves

Virgos are often called perfectionists and are very organized. They are also experts in stealing and hacking. They are not trustworthy and only make friends for their own greed.


Serial Killers, Greedy for money, druggist

Pisces are dangerous zodiac signs who are always behind money and can kill people for it. They are also likely to abuse drugs and commit murder in unusual ways. However, they are also charitable and always at the front when it comes to helping others.


Fraud and Inconsistent

Gemini zodiac sign people are the most inconsistent among all the Zodiac signs. They are excellent learners with good sense of humor, but their decisions fluctuate frequently. They may leak secret information to competitors and are emotionless.

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