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Biggest Phobia Of Each Zodiac Sign

Every zodiac sign has a biggest phobia that affects their day to day life. Some common phobias are fear of change, fear of losing freedom, and fear of being alone.

Biggest Phobia Of Each Zodiac Sign

Biggest Phobia Of Each Zodiac Sign
Biggest Phobia Of Each Zodiac Sign

1. Aries (Kakorrhaphiophobia) (Failure)

Aries is a passionate and ambitious leader who fears failure, but must learn to accept both success and failure in order to grow.

2. Aquarius (Monophobia) (Being Alone)

Taurus is a warm-hearted and loving sign, but they need stability and structure in their lives to avoid loneliness.

3. Gemini (Decidophobia) (Decisions)

Geminis are intellectual and communicative, but inconsistent, making them difficult to trust.

4. Cancer (Agoraphobia) (Unsafe)

Cancerians are the agoraphobics who are afraid of being alone and should learn that personal freedom comes from within.

5. Leo ( Athazagoraphobia) (Ignored)

Leos are afraid of being ignored. They crave attention and will do anything to capture it.

6. Virgo (Atelophobia) (Imperfection)

Virgos are perfectionists who fear imperfection and being unproductive.

7. Libra (Acrophobia) (Heights)

Libra has phobia of heights, so surprising them with a tall building might not be a good idea.

8. Scorpio (Proditiophobia) (Betrayal)

Scorpios are emotional, intuitive, and secretive people who fear betrayal by someone close to them.

9. Sagittarius (Claustrophobia) (Losing Freedom, Confined Spaces)

Claustrophobia is a fear of losing autonomy or being confined which is related to fear of freedom, especially in Sagittarians who love to be independent and fear of being trapped in a lifestyle they cannot change.

10. Capricorn (Kakorrhaphiophobia (Failure)

Capricorns are ambitious and hardworking, but they have a fear of failure which can hold them back.

11. Aquarius (Mysophobia) (Germs)

Aquarians are clean and hygienic people who have a pathological fear of contamination.

12. Pisces (Hypengyophobia) (Responsibility)

Pisces are compassionate and selfless, but they fear responsibility because they cannot handle pressure well.

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