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Facts about the hidden zodiac sign- Ophiuchus

Facts about the hidden zodiac sign- Ophiuchus

Facts about the hidden zodiac sign- Ophiuchus :The discovery of the 13th zodiac sign Ophiuchus has changed the way we view our horoscopes.

Facts about the hidden zodiac sign- Ophiuchus

Position of Ophiuchus in the Galaxy

  • Right Ascension: 17.18 hours

Ophiuchus is a large constellation located between Scorpius and Sagittarius.

  • Declination: – 4.24 degrees
  • Unmistakable: between 80 degrees and – 80 degrees
  • Best seen: In July around 9 p.m.

Ophiuchus- Antiquity

Ophiuchus is a zodiac sign that is not officially recognized by astrologers, but is said to be the 13th sign. It is named after Imhotep, an ancient Egyptian physician and architect who was also known as Asklepios by the Greeks.
Ophiuchus is associated with the snake, and is said to have healing powers.
People born under the Ophiuchus sign are said to be intelligent, curious, and passionate.
They are also said to be healers, and may be drawn to careers in medicine or other fields where they can help others.

Ophiuchus Personality Traits

  • Ambitious and driven
  • Compassionate and fair
  • Independent and free-spirited
  • Competitive and driven
  • Open-minded and expressive
  • Passionate and creative

Ophichius Compatibility

Highly compatible:

Ophiuchus Pisces, Ophiuchus Sagittarius

Good compatibility:

Ophiuchus Aries, Ophiuchus Cancer, Ophiuchus Libra, Ophiuchus Scorpio.

Low compatibility:

Ophiuchus Aquarius, Ophiuchus Leo, Ophiuchus Virgo, Ophiuchus Taurus.


Ophiuchus are best suited for restorative sciences because they are imaginative, adaptable, and can work well in changing environments.

Though Ophiuchus is the rarest sign, the other zodiac signs are equally effective and important.

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