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How many NBA Players are Signed with Under Armour

How many NBA Players are Signed with Under Armour


In the fast-paced world of professional basketball, a player’s off-court image is greatly influenced by endorsement agreements with apparel companies. Under Armour has become one of the main players in this field by bringing in well-known athletes to represent the company. This article explores the prominent NBA players who have opted to wear the Under Armour logo, looking at the effects of these collaborations on the players and the company.

The Rise of Under Armour in the Basketball World

Origins and Growth of Under Armour: Founded by Kevin Plank in 1996, Under Armour acquired popularity for its athletic clothing that wicks away sweat. The brand expanded into a number of sports over time, with a particular emphasis on basketball. Under Armour’s entry into the basketball market was a calculated attempt to take on more established industry leaders in the sportswear sector.

Famous Signings and Endorsement Techniques: Under Armour made a splash when it entered the basketball industry with notable endorsements that helped increase brand awareness. The NBA star Stephen Curry’s 2013 signing marked a turning point for Under Armour, bringing the company into the public eye and solidifying its position as a major participant in the basketball endorsement scene.

Famous NBA Players joined the Under Armour roster

Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors)

Stephen Curry is arguably the face of Under Armour basketball, and his association with the company has had a revolutionary impact. Curry’s on-court accomplishments, as a two-time NBA MVP and multiple NBA champion, have become closely associated with Under Armour’s basketball products, especially his signature shoe line, the Curry series.

Joel Embiid of the 76ers in Philadelphia

In 2018, Joel Embiid, one of the best big players in the NBA, joined Under Armour. As a result of the collaboration, the UA Embiid signature shoe line was created, demonstrating the brand’s dedication to offering elite performance equipment for athletes across all positions.

Dennis Smith Jr. (Portland Trail Blazers)

Early in his NBA career, Dennis Smith Jr., who was renowned for his explosive agility, partnered with Under Armour. Through this partnership, Smith will be able to showcase his explosive playing style and expand the brand’s basketball offerings.

De’Aaron Fox (Sacramento Kings)

In 2018, De’Aaron Fox, a gifted point guard, partnered with Under Armour and emerged as a rising star for the company. The collaboration highlights Fox’s quickness and dexterity, qualities that complement Under Armour’s dedication to performance-driven innovation.

The Effect of Under Armour on Player Branding

Signature Shoe Lines and Player Identity: Under Armour and NBA players work together to create signature shoe lines in addition to apparel. Having their own shoe line helps athletes like Joel Embiid and Stephen Curry establish their brand recognition and elevates their standing in the NBA.

Worldwide Visibility and Marketability: Players that have signed with Under Armour have access to a global platform thanks to the NBA’s global reach. Prominent basketball players serve as brand ambassadors, enhancing the company’s visibility and marketability in important overseas markets in addition to the United States.

Innovation and Performance Enhancement: The basketball products offered by Under Armour demonstrate the company’s dedication to innovation. New technologies that are intended to improve performance on the court are available to players who sign with the brand. The focus on performance is appealing to athletes who are looking for a competitive advantage.

Prospects for the Future and Changing Approaches

Growing the Athlete Roster: Under Armour’s basketball market success depends on its athletes’ roster being constantly enlarged and diversified. To stay strong in the market, forming alliances with up-and-coming talent and seasoned pros will be essential.

Investing in Grassroots projects: Under Armour has the option to fund grassroots projects in order to ensure the continued existence of its basketball division. Early brand loyalty development can be achieved through participating in local communities, supporting youth basketball programs, and sponsoring competitions.


Strategic alliances with some of the NBA’s top players have distinguished Under Armour’s entry into the world of basketball endorsements. From Joel Embiid’s increasing notoriety to Stephen Curry’s unmatched success, the brand has made a name for itself in a crowded market. Beyond the court, these sponsorships have an impact on revenue, brand reputation, and Under Armour’s general trajectory within the sportswear industry. The NBA players’ marketability and performances while sporting the Under Armour logo will have a significant impact on the brand’s ability to succeed as it navigates the opportunities and challenges of a changing marketplace.


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