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Mercury Transit In Aquarius- Jan 2023| Effects On Each Zodiac

Mercury transit in Aquarius will impact different zodiacs in terms of communication, mental sharpness, and skill set.

Mercury Transit In Aquarius- Jan 2020| Effects On Each Zodiac

Mercury Transit In Aquarius- Jan 2020| Effects On Each Zodiac
Mercury Transit In Aquarius- Jan 2020| Effects On Each Zodiac

1. Aries

Mercury transit in 11th house of Aries brings financial gains, love, and relationship benefits.

2. Taurus

Mercury transit in Taurus’ 10th house brings financial and social growth, creativity, and job appreciation.

3. Gemini

Mercury transit in 9th house of Gemini: Luck favors international trips, find a mentor.

4. Cancer

Cancerians should avoid financial matters and plan for an international trip during Mercury’s transit in Capricorn’s 8th house, which brings short-term bad luck.

5. Leo

Mercury transiting in 7th House of Leo will bring positive results in your love and marriage life.

6. Virgo

Mercury transit in 6th House of Virgo is a time to focus on your inner strength and avoid conflicts.

7. Libra

Mercury in Libra’s 5th house brings high intellect, innovation, and clarity in love.

8. Scorpio

Anger and depression, but focus and strategy will help, luxury expenses and beneficial long-term investments.

9. Sagittarius

Mercury in the 3rd house of Sagittarius is a time to shine, succeed, and enjoy family.

10. Capricorn

Mercury transit in 2nd House of Capricorn will boost wealth but maintain patience and spend time with loved ones.

11. Aquarius

Mercury transit in 1st House of Aquarius will bring deep focus on work, health issues, and foreign gains, but take care of health and avoid extra stress.

12. Pisces

Incline yourself towards spirituality and focus on communication with loved ones.

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