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Remedies on Holi for Each Zodiac Sign to End the Misfortune

Holi is the only secular festival that reflects unity and is a perfect occasion to get rid of life problems and ward off the evils.

Remedies on Holi for Each Zodiac Sign to End the Misfortune

Remedies on Holi for Each Zodiac Sign to End the Misfortune

Remedies on Holi for Each Zodiac Sign to End the Misfortune

Astrological Remedies on Holi

Below are the best Astrological Remedies on Holi for people born under any Zodiac sign-

Ashes of Holika Dahan

The ashes of Holika Dahan are considered prosperous and can be kept at the workplace to bring good luck and preserve fortune for the year.

Beating Dhol on Holika Dahan

Dhol and other musical instruments are important in Hindu Puja, especially at Holika Dahan. Beating Dhol attracts good luck and eradicates miseries.

Remedies on Holi for Debts

To get rid of debt and receive money, bring home the Goddess Lakshmi idol on Holi and perform a ritual with eleven Gomti chakras.

Remedies on Holi to Please Rahu

To appease Rahu on Holi, fill a coconut with flaxseed oil and jaggery, touch it to the person affected, and offer it to the Holika fire. You can also soak an apple in the oil and apply it to the person, and throw cloves into the fire equal to their age while chanting Rahu’s name.

Remedies on Holi for Enemies

To get rid of enemies on Holi, write the enemy’s name on seven papers, burn them in the Holika fire, and walk around the fire seven times.

Remedies for Health on Holi

To improve health, make rotis with barley flour, black sesame, and mustard oil. Offer the rotis to a buffalo while chanting a mantra.

Remedies for Theft

On the night of Holi, revolve a dry coconut and copper coin around each corner of your home and workplace 7 times and then cast them in the holika fire. This wards off theft threats.

Remedies on Holi to Ward off Negative Energies

During the period of Holashtak, people perform black magic. On the day of Holika Dahan, bring fire from Holika to your home and place it in a copper Diya to ward off negative energies.

Protection from Evil Eye

On Holi, when many perform black magic, Tantrik puja and dark spells, wearing a Shakur Dant or chanting “ॐ ह्रीं क्लीं श्रीं वाराह-दन्ताय भैरवाय नमः” will protect you from Nazar dosha or evil eye and Tantrik acts.

Remedies on Holi for Marriage

On Holi, light 108 cotton Battis dipped in Ghee at the Holika Dahan to attain a happy and joyous married life.

Remedies for Fulfillment of Wishes

Chant Bajrang Baan for 40 days from Holi, offer Daan and light earthen lamps for desires to come true and obstacles to be removed.

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