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The SPICIEST Lies Each Zodiac Sign Tells!

The SPICIEST Lies Each Zodiac Sign Tells! Everyone lies, and the zodiac sign can influence the type of lies we tell.

The SPICIEST Lies Each Zodiac Sign Tells!

“Everything Is fine” If You Are Aries

People under this house are stoic and prefer to hide their suffering, even when things are dire.

There You Go With The Biggest Lie If You Are Taurus

Taurus is honest but not always concerned with the truth.

Geminis Have No Reliable Communication

If you call or text your Gemini friend, don’t expect them to get back to you, even if they say they will.

Cancers Lie About Reaching On Time

Cancer friends are notoriously late, but they always say they’re almost there.


Leos Have No Problem

Leo people like to project an image of strength and composure, even when they are struggling inside.

Virgo Pretend To Understand Everything

Virgos pretend to understand everything, even if they don’t.

Libra Will Assure To Put The Secret

Libras are notoriously bad at keeping secrets.

Scorpio Lie About Forgiving Someone

Scorpios are short-tempered and often lie about forgiving others, but they are also magnetic and impossible to ignore.

Sagittarius Lie To Do Work Immediately

The people of this house are not as busy as they seem, and they often don’t meet their deadlines.


Capricorn ‘False’ Make Sure About Laughing

Capricorn is a good listener and takes other people’s weird experiences seriously, but they accidentally set a club on fire by laughing.

Aquarius Will Offend And Then Lie

People who say they are kidding but are actually rude are often sarcastic and lack empathy.

Pisces Will Comfort You With A Lie Of Doing Something Once

People in this house lie about wanting to try new things.

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