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Understanding the Enigma of Lal Kitab in Astrology

The Wonder Book of Astrology

  • Origin: Lal Kitab, known as “The Wonder Book” of Astrology, brought astrology to the common man. Written in ancient Urdu, it introduced a new style of horoscope analysis with affordable remedies.
  • Authorship Dispute: The authorship of Lal Kitab remains disputed, adding to its mysterious aura.

Philosophy and Concepts:

  • Palmistry Connection: Lal Kitab is essentially palmistry, reflecting the findings of a palmist.
  • The palm is divided into 12 parts, akin to the Zodiac signs, with planetary shapes representing houses.
  • Astrological Chart from Palm: Lal Kitab creates astrological charts based on palm imprints, different from traditional birth charts.
  • Unique Planetary Influences: Lal Kitab introduces the concept of two Mars: malefic and benefic.
  • Equivalent planets like Mercury are considered, altering traditional astrological power dynamics.

Lal Kitab Weekly Secrets:

  • Monday – Moon’s Day:

Remedy: Distribute Sweet Kheer for good luck, enhancing positive energy.

  • Tuesday – Mars’ Day:

Remedy: Donate Masur dal (Red dal) to the needy, auspicious for Lord Hanuman.

  • Wednesday – Mercury’s Day:

Remedy: Avoid eating Moong Dal and feed Green Moong dal to cows for wisdom and progress.

  • Thursday – Jupiter’s Day:

Remedy: Wear Yellow-colored clothes or consume Chana dal to please Jupiter and remove obstacles.

  • Friday – Venus’ Day:

Remedy: Donate Curd to the poor for good luck and blessings.

  • Saturday – Saturn’s Day:

Remedy: Pour Mustard Oil on Lord Shani in the Nav-Graha temple for miraculous results.

  • Sunday – Sun’s Day:

Remedy: Offer Jaggery to running water to please Lord Sun and receive his blessings.


Lal Kitab, rooted in palmistry and astrology, holds ancient wisdom. Its unique approach to planetary influences and practical remedies makes it an exceptional guide, offering insights and solutions accessible to all.

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