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Zodiac Signs always short of cash- Top 4 Spendthrift Signs

Zodiac Signs always short of cash- Top 4 Spendthrift Signs

There are two kinds of people one who spends a lot and one who likes to save even a single penny. Today we are going to talk about the former one. Some zodiac signs have a hard time saving and so are always short of it. These signs have to borrow money from friends and families because of their vast social involvement.


This generous zodiac sign has a reputation for being the party animal. Every weekend they have a social gathering lined up. Thus in turn turns leads their bank account 0. Moreover, they can never say no to a friend who is short of cash. Another fact that makes Aries vulnerable to money.


Sagittarius loves to travel and is always o the quest for something adventurous. Their passionate voyages often leave them broke. No matter how much they try to save, it ends up leaving a hole in their pocket. In fact, their laid back attitude causes trouble in the future. Always high on life these signs are not great with cash. They are not well equipped with handling money unlike the money magnet zodiac signs.


Aquarius will save up all the money and spend it in one go. Maybe on the latest technology or automobile, their high-end expenses know no end. Going broke is their weakest factor. They can also splurge on traveling or go wandering in someplace they have never visited. However, if they give up on theses luxuries they can conserve their finances. The people born of these zodiac signs are always short of cash.


Pisces is the water sign that is giving in nature. Their generosity, in turn, affects their expenses, thus in the mid of the month they run short of cash. Good deeds are always their strongest traits. Nevertheless, it has adverse effects on the flow of income.

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