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Archangel & Zodiac Signs| A Spiritual Connection

Archangels are higher-ranking than angels and are often associated with assistance and protection of humanity.

Archangels and Zodiac Signs

Archangels rule over the 12 zodiac signs and shape our personality, traits, and life path.

Archangel & Zodiac Signs| A Spiritual Connection

Archangel & Zodiac Signs| A Spiritual Connection
Archangel & Zodiac Signs| A Spiritual Connection

1. Aries (Ariel-Lioness of God)

Ariel, the healer of nature and Lioness of God, helps you connect spiritually with nature and put others before yourself.

2. Taurus (Chamuel- Who sees God)

Archangel Chamuel is the angel of peace and harmony, helping to resolve conflicts and bring about inner peace.

3. Gemini (Zadkiel – The Righteousness of God)

Zadkiel Archangel is the angel of forgiveness and inner transformation. They help you overcome your past, heal your emotions, and find your true self.

4. Cancer ( Gabriel- Strength of God)

Archangel Gabriel’s hidden message is to realize your own strength and embrace your inner child.

5. Leo (Raziel- Secrets of God)

Raziel is an angel of secrets and mysteries who holds the hidden messages for humanity and can guide us towards success.

6. Virgo (Metatron- Lesser YHVH)

Metatron is the archangel of presence who helps you to realize your spiritual gifts and break free from limitations.

7. Libra ( Jophiel- Beauty of God)

Jophiel is the angel of beauty who helps uplift your thoughts, develop your spirituality, and see the beauty in everything.

8. Scorpio (Jeremiel- Mercy of God)

Archangel Jeremiel helps you heal emotional issues and learn from your past, so you can move forward with God’s blessing.

9. Sagittarius (Raguel- Friend of God)

Raguel is an angel of relationships and justice who helps to create a peaceful and harmonious environment among people.

10. Capricorn (Azreal- Whom God Helps)

Azrael is the angel of death who helps people transition to the afterlife, showing them their life’s journey and guiding them to resurrection.

11. Aquarius ( Uriel- Light of God)

Uriel is the intellectual angel of light and intelligence who helps us find the real path of success, create unique and special things, solve difficult situations, and forgive ourselves.

12. Pisces (Sandalphon- Brother)

Sandalphone is a brotherly angel who delivers our prayers to God and connects us to our intuition through music.

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