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How many Basketball Players are Mormon


Basketball is a sport that brings together individuals of all walks of life, including those who adhere to a variety of religious and philosophical traditions. Players who identify as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, most frequently referred to as the Mormon Church, are not newcomers to the world of basketball by any stretch of the imagination. This article will focus on the Mormon basketball players who currently compete in the sport of basketball and will attempt to answer the question, “How many basketball players are Mormon?” We will look into the history of Mormon athletes in the sport, as well as the influence their faith has had on them both on and off the court, as well as their distinctive contributions to the game.

Counting the Mormon Basketball Players

To gauge the number of basketball players who are Mormon, we must consider various levels of the sport, from youth leagues to professional competitions.

  1. College Basketball: College basketball in the United States has seen its share of Mormon players. Brigham Young University (BYU), which is owned and operated by the LDS Church, is known for its competitive basketball program and often recruits Mormon players. Additionally, other colleges and universities also have Mormon athletes on their rosters.
  2. NBA: The National Basketball Association (NBA) has had its share of Mormon players. As of my last update in January 2022, several players in the NBA identified as Mormon, including Jimmer Fredette and T.J. Haws. The number may have changed since then as new talent emerges.
  3. International and Amateur Leagues: Mormon basketball players can be found in various international and amateur leagues around the world. Their faith often encourages them to be disciplined, hardworking, and dedicated athletes, traits that are valued in the sport.

The Influence of Mormon Players

Mormon basketball players bring a unique set of values and principles to the game. Their faith often shapes their approach to basketball and influences their character on and off the court. Here are some aspects of their impact:

  1. Work Ethic: Mormon athletes are known for their strong work ethic. The faith encourages them to give their best effort, and this commitment to improvement is evident in their performance.
  2. Teamwork: The emphasis on community and family within the LDS Church encourages Mormon players to be team-oriented and cooperative on the court. They often excel in the passing game and work well within the dynamics of a team.
  3. Leadership: Many Mormon players are natural leaders, often taking on roles as captains or mentors within their teams. They are taught to be responsible and accountable in their actions.
  4. Discipline: The principles of self-discipline and self-control are integral to the Mormon faith. These qualities can benefit athletes, helping them maintain focus and composure in high-pressure situations.
  5. Faith-Based Perspective: Mormon players often approach the game with a faith-based perspective, seeking to be positive role models and exemplify the values of the Church.

Prominent Mormon Basketball Players

Mormon basketball players have left their mark on the sport, becoming role models for aspiring athletes. Here are a few notable individuals:

  1. Jimmer Fredette: Jimmer Fredette, a former BYU standout, gained fame for his incredible scoring ability and deep three-point shooting. He was a college sensation and had stints in the NBA.
  2. T.J. Haws: T.J. Haws, another BYU product, made significant contributions to the BYU basketball program. His leadership and scoring ability were admired by fans.
  3. Danny Ainge: Danny Ainge, while primarily known for his success as an NBA executive, also had a successful playing career. He won two NBA championships with the Boston Celtics.
  4. Kresimir Cosic: Kresimir Cosic was a Croatian basketball player and the first European to play in NCAA Division I basketball. He was also a member of the LDS Church and a pioneer in European basketball.
  5. Shawn Bradley: Shawn Bradley, known for his towering height, had a notable NBA career, playing for the Philadelphia 76ers, New Jersey Nets, and Dallas Mavericks. He is a member of the LDS Church and has been involved in various charitable initiatives.


The Future of Mormon Basketball

Young athletes who are led by their religion and are inspired by the success of those who have come before them point the way to a bright future for Mormon basketball. Individuals who demonstrate the characteristics of hard effort, teamwork, and discipline that are important to their faith will likely continue to contribute to the growth of the Mormon player population in the sport.

In conclusion, the topic of how many basketball players adhere to the Mormon faith illuminates the complex web of varying beliefs that exists within the sport. The participation of players who adhere to the Mormon religion exemplifies the all-inclusive nature of basketball, which allows individuals from a wide variety of cultural and religious contexts to collaborate, compete, and make significant contributions to the sport. These athletes, who are led by their faith, serve as examples of faith and perseverance to the people in their communities and throughout the basketball globe.

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