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Venus Transit Aquarius 2023- Tremendous Effect on Each Zodiac Sign

Venus in Vedic Astrology represents luxury, love, beauty, and the arts. It rules over the professions that involve these areas.

Venus Transit Aquarius 2020- Tremendous Effect on Each Zodiac Sign

Venus Transit Aquarius 2020- Tremendous Effect on Each Zodiac Sign
Venus Transit Aquarius 2020- Tremendous Effect on Each Zodiac Sign

1. Venus Transit Capricorn 2020

Venus transit Aquarius on 9th January 2020 will bring positive changes in networking, social activities, and decision-making.

2. Venus Transit in Aquarius 2020- Impact on Aries

Venus in 2nd, 7th and 11th house of Lord for Aries will bring good fortune, luck, gains, wishes and friends. It will also bring favorable results in love and relationships.

3. Impact On Taurus

Taurus is in for a good time in terms of business, authority, public life, and financial well-being. However, you need to focus on your work and avoid distractions.

4. Impact On Gemini

Gemini with Venus in 5th, 12th and 9th will have financial prosperity, luxurious lifestyle and may travel abroad.

5. Impact On Cancer

Venus in 4th, 11th and 8th house of Lord for Cancer will bring mixed results, including divorce or breakup, financial problems, long distance relationship problems, mother’s health issues, but also new house or vehicle purchase.

6. Impact on Leo

Venus in 3rd, 10th, and 7th house of Lord for Leo sign people will bring auspicious and beneficial results in terms of marriage, business, and relationships.

7. Impact on Virgo

Venus in 2nd, 9th and 6th house lord will bring mixed results for Virgo people, including both good and bad.

8. Impact on Libra

Venus in 1st, 8th, 5th house from 10th January 2020 will bring creativity, joy, entertainment, good love life, and relationships for Leo.

9. Impact On Scorpio

Scorpios with Venus in 7th, 12th and 4th house will experience financial growth, career success, and family support, but need to be mindful of their health.

10. Impact On Sagittarius

Venus transit in Aquarius for Sagittarius will bring favorable results in love, career, and business.

11. Impact On Capricorn

Focus on business and finance, possible profit and loss, female family members inclined towards luxurious things, foreign travel, stable married life, support from family and friends.

12. Impact on Aquarius

Venus transit in Aquarius will bring amazing and magical results in all areas of life: business, luck, family, friends, relationships, career, and social life.

13. Impact On Pisces

Pisces people will experience a period of loss in terms of money, energy and health. Overall, a very harsh period is on the cards.

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